Marion County Animal Shelter In The Heart of the Bluegrass

As a service to Marion and Washington County residents, our shelter provides a cremation service for your deceased pet (cat or dog). The cost for this service is based on the weight of the animal.

We charge $2.00 per pound for

a private cremation.

Visit our shelter and you might just find your next best friend !

When all else fails, the way to catch and bring in that stray cat or small dog on your property may be with a live trap.  You may rent traps from the shelter for $10.00 which will be refunded to you upon return of the trap. MARION AND WASHINGTON COUNTY RESIDENTS may use our live traps per the agreement below:

- This device may not be used to trap wildlife. 

- The traps may be rented for a duration of one week

- All animals that are caught will be surrendered to the Marion County Animal Shelter.
- Alterations or damages to the trap while in your possession will be a violation of the agreement.

-Failure to return the trap by the due date and time, is a violation of this agreement.
-Transfer of this trap or any other equipment which belongs to the Marion County Department of Animal Control & Protection is strictly prohibited.
-It is your responsibility to provide adequate food, water, and protection from adverse weather conditions for the animal(s) captured by this device.


1105  Hwy 208, Lebanon, KY 40033   (270) 692-0464

  Open 10 - 4 During the week. Closed Wednesday

Sat: 9 - Noon 

Closed Sunday

  LIVE TRAP RENTAL  (Domestic animals only)