Marion County Animal Shelter   In The Heart of the Bluegrass

F 10mos. 10lbs.

Tortie ​(also below) 


F 1yr  8lbs. Tabby, Tri-Color

Medium-Haired (Girls Room)


(Left) Candy, now clean and

pretty, at about 5 months with a light grey, fluffy coat and big

green  eyes. She weighs about

5 lbs. (Above) Candy, a few minutes after we removed the

can from her head in November. 

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Candy has a home!

Thank you, Brittany

Candy's Story
This sweet little cat was discovered in November,

2017 in an open field with her head stuck in a tin can,

struggling to pull it off. Try as she might she could not free herself. Soon after, Candy was brought to the shelter by the

kind lady who spotted her and tried to help. But even she could not remove the obstacle from Candy's poor head. (Open food cans like this are dangerous for animals like Candy who are curious and hungry). Working carefully, we were finally able

to free her after which she actually hugged and licked

us with gratitude! Candy's adoption fee is only $40.00

because a donor has now offered to pay $20.00

to help find her a good home. 

Please Call Marion County Animal Shelter:

270 692-0464

for more info and to take Candy home!

M. 6mos. 5lbs.

Tabby (dn)


"Larry" M. 2Y. 10lbs.

Long-Haired, big green eyes    

Meet "Tiger"!
​A loveable, six month old, short-haired tabby with green eyes. He has a gorgeous coat pattern of solid black and swirly stripes over tan.
He is the purrrrfect age for you to adopt right now at: Marion County Animal Shelter.

​Call 270 692-0464 

for more info!


...Is a one year old, female Lab/Border Collie mix with a good disposition and loves people. Her short-haired coat is all black except for her chest and paws which are spotted with grey. Egypt is fully grown at 35 pounds. Call Marion County Animal Shelter to come out and meet her!

(270) 692-0464


Visit our shelter and you might just find your next best friend! 

"Bricker" F. 1yr, 35lbs. Boxer/Retiever


M. 2yr. 9lbs. Long Hair Tabby (er) 

1105  Hwy 208, Lebanon, KY 40033   (270) 692-0464  Open 10 - 4, Mon,Tues,Thurs., Fri. Sat: 9 - Noon, Closed​ Wed. & Sun all day.

"Bob",  M. 5yr.,18lbs. Feist/Mix  

REGULAR ADOPTION FEE: DOGS: $125.00 ~ CATS:$60.00  (Includes Spay, Neuter, Rabies)  

F 10mos. Tabby 

Shorthaired, 9lbs. girl/lob 218

"BOB" M. 5yr., 18lbs. Feist/Mix