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  half as of 6/12/17       while grant lasts.


MCAS is a county-run facility and not a non-profit. We are a low kill shelter meaning that we try to exhaust all avanues of adoption available to us before euthanization.

We work with the general public and rescue groups all over the country and also in Canada to find homes for as many animals as possible, striving to improve the well- being of abused, neglected and abandoned animals.

The staff at Marion County Animal Shelter is passionate about animals.  They are trained and highly experienced in order to better assist the community with humane services for neglected, abandoned or surrendered animals. 


Spay/neuter procedures are a crucial part of any community pet population plan. Sterilization reduces the intake of unwanted animals into shelters. Spay/neuter surgeries will decrease the euthanasia rate and increase the live release rate of animals. There are also medical benefits of sterilization surgery for animals. All animals who leave the shelter must be spayed or neutered. 

owner surrender

If you choose to surrender your own animal there is a $10.00 fee. This is necessary to help offset the expenses of food and shelter. Please bring your animal in. Sorry, we can not pick up owner's animals.    

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What to Expect at the shelter:

1105  Hwy 208, Lebanon, KY 40033   (270) 692-0464  Open 10 - 4:00, Sat: 9 - Noon, Closed​ Wed. & Sun. 


Sheila Martin
Animal Control

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Visit our shelter and you might just find your next best friend! 

Marion County Animal Shelter In The Heart of the Bluegrass

 Kay Turpin
 Animal Control Officer

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stray surrender: 

You may bring in a stray animal that you have found if you can not locate the owner. There is no surrender fee but donations are always welcome!


(Fees include the spay or neuter of animal as well as a rabies vaccine from a certified veterinarian). 

*All Dogs: $125.00 

*All Cats:  $60.00

We accept cash or check.

All adopted animals must

be spayed or neutered.